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Special Thanks to
Linda Hodgson for all her hard work sewing the panels together.

Thanks to Madeline Davish for making panels for those who couldn't!

  • Panels will be joined together to grow the Ribbon, with all sections becoming a permanent part of the display. Contributors are encouraged to photograph their panels before delivery to the foundation, as they will not be returned.
  • Multiple sections for multiple honorees may be submitted.
  • Contributors should select a durable fabric in light pink for survivors or a light purple for those overcome by the disease. The finished panels are to be 12" x 12" square, which should include a 3/4-inch seam allowance on all four sides.
  • Please include any information desired regarding the honoree, including her name, age or favorite activities. Design creativity is encouraged – you may use appliqués, stenciling, permanent marker, textile paint, color-fast dye, small mementos or embellishments, such as ribbons, beads, or sequins. It is best to avoid using glue.
  • If photos are desired, please attach by first photocopying them onto iron-on transfers, or place them in clear vinyl and sew directly onto the panel.
  • Completed, labeled panels should be mailed or delivered to:
    Ribbon of Hope Foundation,
    c/o Katherine Boyd M.D., P.C.
    28755 Schoenherr, Suite #200
    Warren, Michigan 48088.
    For more information, please call (586) 573-7222